PTI Ubuntu Distribution

Information on the MSC VMware DVD-ROM distribution of the Ubunutu shell, including known bugs.

Significant pre-installed software (release 1):
sedFit and sedFit photometry information

Useful software that was not pre-installed (release 1):

Data from PTI

Other useful bits of information:
HD versus HDC
The checkforstar shell script
Information on the Linux command line

A current list of MSC Ubuntities

There are some useful Excel spreadsheets available.

Got a question? Post it to the FAQ.

Recommended reading

Useful links:
PTI Home page at the MSC
PTI Support
PTI hardcore homepage (in support of observing)
Lowell LARI-BGBF sedFit wiki page

Displaying PTI visibility data
Running wbCalib - and example reduction
An example data reduction is documented in nauseating detail for carbon stars.