Systems currently supported by the fbol tools:
Johnson U,B,V,R,I,J,H,K,L,M,N,Q
Cousins Rc, Ic
Geneva U,B1,B,B2,V1,V,G
Stromgren uvby
2Mass J,H,Ks
CIT J, H, K, L
Walraven W, B, V, R # dubious zeropoint
Hipparcos Hp
Tycho Bt, Vt
ThuanGunn u, v, g, r
DDO F35, F38, F41, F45, F48, F51 # dubious zeropoint
Vilnius U, P, X, Y, Z, V, S

The handy shell script getAllPhotometry.batx
A shell script called will call both the getCal routines and GCPD (see below) to fully collect together the available photometry for a given star. Example invocation:

$ getAllPhotometry.batx HD189733 HD189733.phot

The first command line argument is the target information, and the second is the output filename.

The handy python script GCPD
A python script called is available for automatically querying the Lausanne Photometric Database.

Example photometry files
Available for and , along with the sedFit output PS files (, ).