Username & password: "mscuser" and "msc-msc"

Required system resources: The VMWare Ubuntu shell is set to allocate itself 512MB of memory. If you are running on a Windows box with only 1GB of memory, this may cause slow performance. A 256MB version of the shell is available upon request.

Tunneling to the outside world:
An important safety tip: your VMWare Ubuntu shell can 'see' the Windows host machine you're running upon. If you look under the directory:


You'll find the root directory of your hard drive. Neat, huh?

For this to work, the "shared folders" feature of VMWare needs to be enabled; a reboot of the Ubuntu shell (not the Windows host machine) will be required once the feature is set (use "sudo reboot" and your superuser password is "msc-msc").

Known bugs of the VMware shell