Command line invocation of wbCalib
wbCalib is usually invoked with a command line structure that involves:

$ wbCalib [calscript] [sumfiles] {> output file}

In practice, this can be quite messy:

$ wbCalib beStar.cs 98/*.sum150 99/*.sum150 > /mnt/hgfs/patronella/projects/proposals/0706_ADP\ Be\ Stars/beStars_070607a.wbOut

Important safety tip: your calscript file needs to be a Linux, not Windows, formated text file. Something to do with end-of-line characters.

What's this *.sum150 business about?

Here is an tarball example of the eta Boo data reduction from van Belle et al 2007:

Problems with baseline files
wbCalib can get confused if too many data files are thrown at it (eg. see the beStar example command line above). It can also for some reason get confused trying to read *.bline files. For this reason, you may want to go to your data directory (eg. where 98/*.sum150 lives in the above example), make a new "bline" directory, and move your bline files there. wbCalib will revert to using the (better behaved) *.baseline files when it can't find the *.bline files next to your *.sum files.

Useful links:
wbCalib documentation at MSC